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About us

The story behind Avli

Change brings opportunity. Our new beginning is named Avli. The keys being handed down from one generation to the next. After growing up in the kitchen of the very popular original Mythos restaurant, then leaving to see the world, it was always on my mind to one day come back and add my own personality on the family's place. Little did I know I would be bringing a special someone along to share the ride.

When our individual worlds became one infused journey over three years ago we have made sure taking trips was always top priority. Soaking up the experiences from all of these places, we always talked about starting our own project. Many ideas came and went. Until one felt right. Recent world events helped make the decision an easier one, packing up our London life and moving to Samos looking for something more meaningful and enjoyable. Andy, aka Andreas, and Aphrodite heading to Greece's Island of Legends for a new start.

Aphrodite & Andy
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